We only harvest our own olives, that way we can be sure that they are in perfect condition.

We select the ideal time to pick the olives, thereby obtaining a fruitier oil with the best possible aroma and taste.

We only pick olives directly from the olive tree, using inverted umbrella trunk vibrators - discarding olives which fall on the ground - and manual beating, thus ensuring that the fruit is not damaged.

Because the olive oil mill is located right in the middle of the estate, the olives are ground immediately after they are picked, preventing any deterioration of the fruit.

Oil is always extracted at a very low temperature (cold pressed), producing an olive oil with the best organoleptic qualities and flavour.

After obtaining the olive oil, a filtering process is carried out using natural decanting to remove the existence of grounds, thus avoiding accelerated Rancidity.

Finally, through stainless steel tubes, the extra virgin olive oil is stored in the cellar, where, using an automatic thermal control system, it is kept at an optimum temperature between  15 ° - 18ºc in specially inert storage containers which protect it from the action of light and air, avoiding its oxidation and loss of aromas and properties.

Only the best quality oil is packaged and is always prepared on request, managing to reach the customer with all the taste and the nutritional and health qualities of a freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil. This process is carried out in the bottling machine located in the same olive oil mill.